Critter Cards

Critter Cards craft

Craft some critter-inspired cards for friends or family. Whether the occasion is "whale wishes" or a simple "bird-day", Neon Color Explosion® adds bright color to make your greetings special!

  • 1.

    Create the card. Cut a piece of Neon Color Explosion in half lengthwise to make two long rectangles. Fold each piece of paper in half to make a card. You will have two cards.

  • 2.

    Show some color. Trim about an inch (2.54 cm) from one end of the card. This will allow the other side of the paper to show so you can see two colors at once. Neon Color Explosion is two-sided so it is easy to make colorful creations.

  • 3.

    Add an animal. On a different piece of paper, draw and cut out an animal to match your theme. Use different markers or bits of paper to add lots of colorful details. Attach the animal to the card with a glue stick.

  • 4.

    Say something. Use markers to add your greeting. Think of cute ways to make your words and the animal picture match. Your cards are sure to "make a splash" or "chirp up" someone’s day!