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Like you, we're committed to making teaching and learning effective, engaging, and extraordinary!

Crayola® is committed to educators and students everywhere. Our Education Team is comprised of former educators who bring both classroom and leadership experience to their roles in developing and delivering the education programs that you and your colleagues count on. In addition to our program leaders, our team includes more than 50 education consultants who are master teachers, art integration experts, and school and district administrators. Every program, resource, and event we plan is created with educators and students at the center.

Meet the Team

Meet the educators who lead our programs. They're engaged serving the broad education community through participation in associations like the Partnership for 21st Century Learning and the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and they bring years of successful classroom and administrative experience to the work they do for educators

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Let's Connect Live and In-Person

Let's connect at an upcoming conference or online during one of our popular edWeb webinars. We love to hear about your classroom successes and the inspiring ways you're using creativity and art to inspire students to imagine, engage, and achieve.

Join the Crayola Community on edWeb and connect to great webinars and a thriving group of educators who share your passion for creative thinking and leadership.

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  • Capacity.
  • Collaboration.
  • Change.