Beautiful Butterflies

Design a butterfly with this quick and fun project for science class!

  • 1.

    Create a butterfly stencil by folding a piece of poster board in half and drawing one side of a butterfly’s body and wings. Using Crayola® Scissors cut out the stencil. Use the stencil to create enough butterflies for the entire class.

  • 2.

    Give each student a butterfly cutout, Crayola® Washable Markers, Crayola® Construction paper, and Crayola® No-Run School Glue.

  • 3.

    Instruct students to draw a design on their butterfly using markers. Encourage the students to use construction paper to create 3D elements on the thorax and head. This can be a creative project or research based depending upon your needs. If it is research based, ask the students to try to recreate the wing pattern of a real butterfly. If the project is creative, ask the students to create an original design.

  • 4.

    Once all glue is dry on the front, ask each student to glue a piece of twine to the backs of their butterflies. This twine will allow you to hang butterflies around the classroom or on a bulletin board for display.

  • 5.

    Once the students’ work is complete, ask them to find a partner to discuss the artistic attributes of their butterflies. Pose these questions: Can you identify the following parts on your partner’s butterfly: head, thorax, abdomen and wings? Can you explain how the color pattern on your butterfly is useful in their environment?


  • LA: Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners on grade 4 topics and texts, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly.
  • SCI: Use evidence to construct an explanation for how the variations in characteristics among individuals of the same species may provide advantages in surviving, finding mates, and reproducing.
  • SCI: Make observations of plants and animals to compare the diversity of life in different habitats.
  • VA: Students will initiate making works of art and design by experimenting, imagining and identifying content.


  • This project can be inspiration for a writing piece. Students create a story about their butterflies explaining the color patterns. What significance do the colors play in nature?
  • Use watercolor or paint to create butterfly patterns.
  • Create a butterfly mobile to hang from the classroom ceiling. Each student creates three or four different butterflies after a study of the various butterfly species.