Create2Destroy Dino Destruction Factory Frenzy


Create2Destroy Dino Destruction Factory Frenzy

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Tricera-Chomps is splashing and smashing his way through this busy seaport! Fold out the play mat and mold the Morphix into vehicles, buildings and more…then turn this dino loose to crush everything in his path with his mandible clamps and his tail swatter. Collect and connect other Create 2 Destroy play sets for the ultimate smash-up adventure! Includes Tricera-Chomps figure, 2 tubs of Morphix™ colorful construction compound, play mat and 16 molds.

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  • 6+ years

    6+ years

Tricera-Chomps: the Armored Tank Create 2 Destroy

Meet Tricera-Chomps, a fierce new battle partner for Wreckzilla, Destructodon, and Crushasaurus from our other Dino Destruction sets! Tricera-Chomps has a spring-loaded tail and extra-large jaws so he can hurl boulders and tear apart buildings to help the other dinos stomp, chomp, and launch their way through the Create 2 Destroy play sets (sold separately).

Hours of Fun, Creative Play

Our interactive Create 2 Destroy Dino Destruction sets are designed for kids to create imaginary settings and then trample them with fierce dinosaurs! Each Create 2 Destroy play set comes with everything you need to create the setting and characters. The sets can be used again and again to provide hours of creative play.

Dino Addition to Your Favorite Create 2 Destroy Set

For dino-loving kids who already have a Create 2 Destroy set, Tricera-Chomps makes a great addition to their gang of dinos. This expansion set can be used with any Create 2 Destroy play set and is especially ideal for Dino Destruction sets Suburban Slam, Stomping Mall, and Metropolitan Mayhem.

Spring-Loaded Tail and Extra-Large Jaws

Kids will love using Tricera-Chomps's large mandible jaws to grab onto buildings and rip them apart. This dino also has powerful feet that sink right into the pliable Morphix construction compound to instantly flatten cars and buildings. Kids can stomp the city to smithereens and then build a new one to continue the adventure. Wreckzilla, Destructodon, and Crushasaurus from other Dino Destruction sets will be sure to welcome him as part of the demolition team.

Reusable, Non-Crumbling Compound Comes in Many Colors

Part gritty and part gooey, Morphix is the colorful construction compound used to create settings in the Create 2 Destroy sets. Parents will love that Morphix is non-crumbling to reduce cleanup and kids will love choosing from the variety of bold Crayola colors to create characters, buildings, and anything else they can imagine! Designed for reuse, Morphix can either be air-dried so kids save their creations or sealed in the tub to use another day.

Package Contents

One Tricera-Chomps unit, 14 assorted molds, and 2 tubs of Morphix.