Create2Destroy Fortress Invasion Siege Blaster


Create2Destroy Fortress Invasion Siege Blaster

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Fold out the play mat, open up the Morphix and get ready for some boulder blastin’ action! Mold bricks and boulders to build a fortress and warriors to defend it. Then, load a boulder in the Siege Blaster, pull it back and let it fly! Collect and connect other Create 2 Destroy play sets for the ultimate smash-up adventure! Includes 1 Siege Blaster, 1 tub of Morphix™ colorful construction compound, play mat, 11 molds plus instructions for 2 challenging battle games.

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  • 6+ years

    6+ years

Siege Blaster: Build It Up, Knock It Down, and Smash It

The Siege Blaster is an exciting play kit for kids who love to bring the action to a battle scene! The Siege Blaster has a mighty launching arm that can catapult boulders and bricks to help kids and their warriors destroy fortresses. Best of all, it can be used on its own or with our other Fortress Invasion sets, so kids can expand sets for bigger, more imaginative scenes.

Hours of Fun, Creative Play

Our interactive Create 2 Destroy sets are designed for kids to create imaginary settings and then smash them with fierce dinosaurs or catapults! Each Create 2 Destroy play set comes with everything you need to create your setting. The sets can be used again and again to provide hours of creative play.

Mighty Catapult Launches Boulders

The Siege Blaster is built for battle with a powerful catapult that can hurl boulders, bricks, and more. Kids will love loading the blaster and then pulling back on the arm to let the boulders fly. The blaster holds boulders and other ammunition kids make with the assorted molds and blasts them off to level a fortress--at least until kids build a new one. Use the Siege Blaster alone or to expand the Create 2 Destroy play set you already own. This kit is especially ideal for Fortress Invasion sets Catapult Catastrophe, Double Destruction, and Ultimate Destruction.

Reusable, Non-Crumbling Compound Comes in Many Colors

Part gritty and part gooey, Morphix is the colorful construction compound used to create settings in the Create 2 Destroy sets. Parents will love that Morphix is non-crumbling to reduce cleanup and kids will love choosing from the variety of bold Crayola colors to create characters, buildings, and anything else they can imagine! Designed for reuse, Morphix can either be air-dried so kids save their creations or sealed in the tub to use another day.

Package Contents

Siege Blaster unit, 11 assorted molds, play mat, 1 tub of Morphix, and instructions for 2 battle games.