Pip-Squeaks Markers In Disguise Ruby Redtooth

Pip-Squeaks Markers In Disguise
Pip-Squeaks Markers In Disguise
Pip-Squeaks Markers In Disguise
Pip-Squeaks Markers In Disguise

Pip-Squeaks Markers In Disguise Ruby Redtooth

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Hi there, I’m Ruby Redtooth. Aren’t I just the cutest little teen vampire you’ve ever seen – when you can actually see me, that is! I don’t seek out the spotlight too much. I’d much rather curl up in my cozy tomb… I mean room… with a book and my pet bat, Foxy.

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  • 3+ years

    3+ years

Vampire Cutie: Ruby Red Tooth

Meet a red Pip-Squeaks Marker with a story to tell. Ruby Red Tooth loves lying in her tomb, hanging with her pet bat, Foxy, and “having friends over for dinner.” She's also happy to add some vibrant red color to any scene with the Crayola Pip-Squeaks Marker beneath the disguise. Check out her story on the Ruby Red Tooth trading card, or click here to read all the Pip-Squeaks Markers in Disguise stories!

Merges Art and Imaginative Role Play

Add a dimension of play to your coloring time with Pip-Squeaks Markers in Disguise. These bright Crayola mini markers come decked out as colorful characters with snap-on accessories and fun backstories. Markers in Disguise take on personality and add to creative play as kids color their way through adventures. Use the character coloring pages or dream up your own artwork.

Mix and Match with Other Pip-Squeaks Characters

Ruby Red Tooth comes with three snap-on parts that can be shared with other Pip-Squeaks Markers in Disguise. Collect all eight and mix and match the accessories to invent new characters.

Package Contents

Ruby Red Tooth Pip-Squeaks Marker in Disguise and three snap-on accessories.