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My First Crayola™ Creative Tips & Activities

Tips and Ideas
More Colorful Ways for Toddlers and Preschoolers to Create and Play!

Get the most out of your My First Crayola products and your child’s first creative steps with these tips and suggestions, printable coloring pages, activity pages, games and more! 


Coloring Pages

Discover even more creativity for your toddler or preschooler to explore with printable activities and coloring pages.

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Activity Sheets


Tips & Suggestions for Developing Creatively Alive Children

Toddlers and preschoolers love coloring, drawing, stamping, painting and playing with dough.  Here are a few tips that will encourage their overall development and extend their creative play.  They’ll have fun exploring and you’ll love what they’re creating!

Talk it Up!

  • Make encouraging comments—what you say  matters
  • Describe what they are doing—new words build vocabulary and understanding
  • Discuss the colors chosen and types of lines being drawn
Talk it Up

Embrace Their Scribbles!

  • Toddlers can’t make recognizable pictures, so don’t rush their development
  • Each stage of creative development will come in time
  • Enjoy your child’s growing confidence and skill
Embrace the Scribble

Together Time!

  • Set aside 10-15 minutes a day to color, paint and create together
  • Prepare your creative area and don’t be afraid of a little mess
  • Plan ahead and have the necessary art supplies on hand
Together Time

Show It Off!

  • Proudly display the creations to show that you value your child’s creativity
  • Save some creations as keepsakes
  • Share some creations with family and friends—they’re great one-of-a-kind gifts
Show it Off

Game On!

  • Color Match.  Place different colored crayons or markers in a hat or bag and pull them out one at a time.  Ask the child to find something in the room that matches that color.  See how many matching color items you can find.
  • Shape Match.  Take turns making shapes out of dough.  One person goes first and makes a shape that the second person must match.  Keep your shapes simple and offer encouragement as they try to make a matching shape.
  • Color Hunt.  Hide different colors of crayons or markers around the room.  Celebrate every time one is found by saying the name of the color together.  Play outside for even more of a challenge.
Game On

Story Time!

  • Take the colorful fun outside!  Pick a color then go on a walk and write down things you saw with that color.  Draw what you saw and make up a story about it.
  • Make up a silly story! Select a person, a place and a thing (the sillier the better!) and have your child make a drawing for each.  When the drawings are done, help your child tell a silly story that includes all 3 items drawn.  Switch up the order and make up new stories!
  • Write it down and save it! Have your child tell a story about a drawing or other craft that they made and write it down as they tell it.  Your child will enjoy hearing the story read back to them.  Stories also make a great keepsake.
Story Time

Just Have Fun!

  • Put on some tunes and color, paint and create to the music
  • Make funny noises and sound effects for what you’re creating
  • Think like a kid and join in the fun
  • Don’t take over—be sure to let your child create their own art