Pip-Squeaks Markers in Disguise™

Pips Series 2 Header Splash

NOW INTRODUCING: SERIES 2! Available only at Target.

Play while you create with Pip-Squeaks In Disguise, Crayola markers dressed up as colorful characters. Markers turn into action figures with snap on accessories. Collect all 8 in the series, plus the original 8 characters from series 1! 

Only at target

SERIES 2: Available only at Target

Redrock Kid Splash Thumb

Redrock Kid™

Crimson Chaos Splash Thumb

Dr. Crimson Chaos™

Shocking Pink Splash Thumb

Shocking Pink™

Sillybones Splash Thumb

Dr. Sunny Sillybones™

Vince Vertigo Splash Thumb

Video Vince Vertigo™

Turquoise Shimmer Splash Thumb

Turquise Shimmer™

Mulberry Mage Splash Thumb

Mulberry Mage™

Sandy Samurai Splash Thumb

Sandy Samurai™

SERIES 1: Available at Target and other retailers

Ruby Redtooth

Ruby Redtooth™

Atomic Tangerine

Atomic Tangerine™

Green Grinder

Green Grinder™

Captain Blueberry Patch

Captain Blueberry Patch™

Black Belt Bob

Black Belt Bob™

Purple Hazel

Purple Hazel™

Lightning Blazes

Lightning Blazes™

Bjorn Brown-Axe

Bjorn Brown-Axe™