Fortress Invasion
Catapult Catastrophe

The Battle Begins!

Fold out the play mat, open up the Morphix and get ready to start training for the battles ahead! Mold bricks and boulders to build a fortress and warriors to defend it. Then, bust out the catapult to blast it all apart.

Catapult Catastrophe includes fun battling game instructions for added challenges:

Smashing Path Game | Build your fortress then launch boulders to move along the dangerous path. The first warrior to reach the fortress gets to smash it down…and is the winner!

Monster Darts | Launch boulders at the three monsters hiding in their lairs. The most accurate warrior defeats the beasts and wins!


1 adjustable catapult launcher with built-in molds

8-ounce tub of Morphix Colorful Construction Compound

11 different molds for shaping Morphix into fortresses, warriors, boulders and more!

Catapult Catastrophe play mat

Includes 11 Molds

Collect Them All!