Fortress Invasion
Double Destruction

Head-to-Head Smash Up!

Square off against your opponents in this rugged canyon battleground! You get enough Morphix to build two mighty fortresses…plus two catapults to knock ‘em both down.

Double Destruction includes fun battling game instructions for added challenges:

Shoot the Gap | See who the most accurate warrior is with a catapult. Launch bricks through the tower gaps without knocking it over to win!

Capture the General | Build your fortresses to protect your leaders. Then launch your catapult assaults to knock ‘em down to win!


2 adjustable catapult launchers with built-in molds

Two 8-ounce tubs of Morphix Colorful Construction Compound

31 different molds for shaping Morphix into fortresses, warriors, boulders and more!

Double Destruction play mat

Includes 31 Molds

Collect Them All!

Mix and match multiple Create 2 Destroy play sets to stage the ultimate battle!