Fortress Invasion
Ultimate Destruction

Big-Time Boulder Battle!

Steep cliffs and a waterfall are the least of your worries here…there’s also beast-warriors, bottomless pits with nasty monsters and more! Ultimate Destruction includes plenty of Morphix for shaping, molding and smashing, plus four battle-ready catapults.

Ultimate Destruction includes fun battling game instructions for added challenges:

Boulder Basketball | This is heavy-duty basketball that has boulders raining down from the sky. Be the first warrior to “sink” all of your boulders to claim victory!

It’s the Pits | Show off your catapult skills by knocking all of your opponent’s warriors into a bottomless pit. The last warrior standing wins!


4 adjustable catapult launchers with built-in molds

Three 8-ounce tubs of Morphix Colorful Construction Compound

36 different molds for shaping Morphix into fortresses, warriors, boulders and more!

Ultimate Destruction play mat

Includes 36 Molds

Collect Them All!