Crayons and Markers Made With Solar Power

  • We invest in 100% Renewable Energy from Solar Power for US Manufacturing.
  • 3 billion crayons and 700 million markers a year are made using solar power. How will you know? Look for specially marked boxes of Crayola crayons and markers.
  • During the crayon making process, any chipped or broken crayons are remelted in the mixer to minimize waste.

Markers Made With Recycled Plastic

  • Crayola marker plugs are made with 20% post industrial recycled plastic.
  • Our marker barrels and caps also include some reclaimed plastic from ground up runners as part of our molding process.

Colored Pencils Made With Reforested Wood

  • The wood used in Crayola colored pencils comes from reforested wood.
  • Our Crayola pencils are made with wood from well managed forests that help take care of the forests for future generations
  • We do not use wood from tropical rainforests or endangered species.