BOO Invitation

You have been booed

Spread the spirit of Halloween with this Fall take on Secret Santa! Share treats and signs with neighbors to start a new trick-or-treating trend.

  • 1.

    Make a sign that reads “We’ve been BOO-ED!” with Crayola® Crayons or Markers. What does your ghost look like?

  • 2.

    Make a treat bag. Wrapped snacks work best.

  • 3.

    Write instructions for your neighbor to follow. You can even make them into a poem!

  • 4.

    Leave the treats, sign and instructions at a neighbor’s door and wait.

  • 5.

    Here are the rules of BOO-ing for your instructions to include: 1. Wish the BOO-ee a Happy Halloween and to enjoy the treats. 2. The BOO-ee must place the “We’ve been BOO-ed” sign by the front door. 3. The BOO-ee has 72 hours to leave a BOO sign, instructions and treats at two other houses.