Bubble-Blowing Fish

Bubble-Blowing Fish craft

Paint a real or imaginary fish swimming in a bowl. With no-mess Crayola Color Wonder™ Paints, the clear paint is inside the brush!

  • 1.

    Why is it so fascinating to watch a fish swimming around in a bowl? Its little mouth opens and closes, sending bubbles up to the surface. Fins and gills gently wave in the water. A fishbowl is the world for a small fish--with plenty of water, sunlight, colorful gravel, greenery, and sometimes a toy to swim through.

  • 2.

    With Crayola Color Wonder™ Markers and Paper, outline your fishbowl. Then with Color Wonder™ Paints, color in your picture. Blot with the blue brush so the water inside the bowl almost looks like it’s moving. Air-dry your painting.

  • 3.

    Add more details to your picture with markers. Frame the scene by adding a border around the edges. Where will you hang your Bubble-Blowing Fish?