Caterpillar Builder Treasure Hunt

Caterpillar Builder Treasure Hunt craft

Build a caterpillar while searching for a prize! Create a cute, colorful treasure hunt for your next party or for some indoor rainy day fun!

  • 1.

    Cut six large circles from Crayola Neon Color Explosion Paper with Crayola Scissors. Use different color papers to make your caterpillar unique! Add antennae on one of the circles to make the head of the caterpillar.

  • 2.

    Decorate the fronts on the circles with Neon Color Explosion Markers. Use swirls, lines, dashes, and dots. Take advantage of the vibrant hues in the paper and different marker tips to express your creativity.

  • 3.

    Get a clue! Write a clue on a piece of white paper. Cut it out with Crayola Scissors and glue it on the back of each circle to lead players to the next clue.

  • 4.

    Let’s play! Hide the clues in the safe places indoors. Leave a treasure by the final clue! Give the treasure hunter(s) the first clue. They’re off on a treasure hunt!