Celebration Sidewalk Sign

Celebration Sidewalk Sign craft

Celebrate a graduation, good grades, or a homecoming with pizzazz. Use Crayola® Sidewalk Paint to craft a sign that announces your news to the neighborhood!

  • 1.

    Want to celebrate a special occasion such as a graduation or homecoming in a really BIG way? Friends and neighbors won’t miss this good news!

  • 2.

    Ask an adult to help you find a safe, large outdoor area on which to paint your announcement. For best results, Crayola Sidewalk Paints are designed for use on concrete or asphalt sidewalks and driveways. Test a small area to make sure the paint does not stain. Use on surfaces at least 6 months old. Make sure you ask permission before you paint.

  • 3.

    If you’re celebrating good grades, you could draw a giant report card with the student’s name and congratulations, such as "Way to go!"

  • 4.

    A graduation announcement might show a mortarboard with the name and details about the graduate’s accomplishments.

  • 5.

    Whatever the occasion, air-dry paint completely.

  • 6.

    Wash off the Sidewalk Paint with a garden hose or rain after 2 weeks. Light brushing with a broom or nylon brush may be necessary to remove some paint.