Clown Shoes

Clown Shoes craft

Clown around in these clunky shoes! Make a circus costume to match. Call your friends for a parade!

  • 1.

    Place two empty recycled tissue boxes side by side, with the openings in the middle, facing each other. Use Crayola® Scissors to enlarge the opening at one end, where your heel will go. Punch several holes around the front openings.

  • 2.

    Cover a table with recycled newspaper. Cover your Clown Shoes with Crayola Washable Kid's Paint and Paint Brushes. Create happy designs with bright colors. Dry.

  • 3.

    Outline your designs with Crayola Glitter Glue. Dry.

  • 4.

    Lace ribbons through the holes. Tie them at the front so your shoes fit better.

  • 5.

    Spiff up your Clown Shoes with pompoms. Decorate six tissues with Crayola Washable Markers. Lay three tissues on top of each other. Form your hand into a loose fist. Push the center of the tissues between your thumb and forefinger with a finger on your other hand. Squeeze the tissue stem. Tie with ribbon. Repeat to make another pompom.

  • 6.

    Fluff your pompoms by carefully separating the layers of tissue. Use Crayola School Glue to attach them to the front of your Clown Shoes. Dry.

  • 7.

    For even more fun, dress up in silly clothes or make a clown suit. Walk carefully when you play circus or have a parade with your Clown Shoes!