Color-Patch Alphabet

Color-Patch Alphabet craft

Make a patch of color with Crayola® Color Switchers™ Markers. Flip the marker and apply the special color switcher tip to write a letter. Surprise! Learning the alphabet and color names go hand in hand.

  • 1.

    The alphabet is all around. Read books-and you'll see letters. Write lists-words are made with letters. Look at your name-these will be some of your favorite letters. Sing the alphabet song-it's one letter after another. Which letters can you name?

  • 2.

    Choose a letter you would like to write. Many children like to learn to write their names first. Practice writing a capital letter with your finger in the air, on a table, or in the palm of your hand. Ask a grown-up if you need to know a good way to write the letter. Remember, if you write your name, start with a capital letter and then use lowercase letters.

  • 3.

    Now select a Crayola Color Switchers™ Marker. Which color did you pick? On white paper, color a big patch with the marker.

  • 4.

    Flip the marker and apply the special color switcher write a letter on the patch. Surprise! Your letter appears in a new color! What color is it?

  • 5.

    Write as many letters as you like, using different color patches and the wand.