Create a Crossword Puzzle

Create a Crossword Puzzle craft

Looking for a nifty way to review spelling words? Kids create their own crossword puzzles with a colorful twist using Crayola® MiniStampers.

  • 1.

    Cut one-inch squares from a recycled cereal box with Crayola Scissors. Use Crayola Fine Line Markers to write the letters for each spelling word (or other words) on the square tiles. Make each word a different color.

  • 2.

    Arrange the tiles on construction paper so the words overlap where they have a common letter. Trace around the letter tiles of one word at a time with marker. Remove the tile after tracing.

  • 3.

    Choose a Crayola MiniStamper to stamp in the top corner of the first letter of each word. Create a clue to go with each word and write it at the bottom of the paper behind the matching stamp.

  • 4.

    Save the letter tiles to make more crossword puzzles. Share your puzzle with a friend or family member and be sure to check the answers!