Critters for Your Clubhouse

Critters for Your Clubhouse craft

Create cool critters to play in your Critter Clubhouse. Fun animals are hiding in Crayola Model Magic®! All they need is your imagination to come alive!

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    Is there one pet you dream of owning? Are there animals you wish you could play with every day? What would a jungle menagerie look like? Use Crayola Model Magic® to create all of the animals you can imagine! Try your own ideas or follow these steps to create easy animal figures.

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    Bodies. Roll two Model Magic balls. Or wrap Model Magic around two small balls of foil or plastic caps. Press the balls together to create a head and body. Adjust the size so your critter looks like the animal in your imagination. Model Magic sticks to itself and most craft surfaces.

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    Add features to each animal figure to make it unique. Some tips: EYES: Roll small Model Magic balls and press onto the head. Make eyes small or large, round or pointed, depending on the animal you imagine. NOSE: Roll, flatten, or poke holes in Model Magic to make a nose. MOUTH: Press a mouth into the head with modeling tools. EARS: Design ears for your critter. Press Model Magic flat for floppy ears. Squeeze the compound to make ears that are long or pointed. Press on the head near the eyes. LEGS: Roll thick Model Magic snakes between palms or on a table. Use a craft stick or plastic knife to cut same-size sections for legs. Press on the body. TAIL: Roll a thin Model Magic snake. Cut it to size. Arrange it for a curly tail. Or make a bushy tail by pressing a plastic comb into a long piece of modeling compound. APPEARANCE: Press small Model Magic balls onto the head and body for a spotted critter. Roll thin snakes and press on for a striped animal. Push Model Magic through a garlic press and press on the creature to make it look furry. Wash the garlic press in warm soapy water when you are finished.

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    Model Magic dries to the touch overnight and dries completely in 2 to 3 days, which is plenty of time to create more critters and a Critter Clubhouse for them to play in!