Cross the Desert on a Camel

Cross the Desert on a Camel craft

Who has seen a three-legged camel? Wooden toy camels often are carved with a single leg in front so they stand up better. Make your own toy and saddle up!

  • 1.

    Everywhere in the world, children create toys from things they have around them. What toys have you and your friends created from recycled or natural objects? Maybe a wreath of dandelions? A drum from an oatmeal box?

  • 2.

    The dromedary is a type of camel that lives in northern Africa and the Middle East. Hand-carved wooden dromedaries are popular toys for children who live in the desert. The front two legs may be carved together so the camel can stand up. Sometimes they are painted to show two separate legs.

  • 3.

    To make your own dromedary sculpture, mix Crayola® Model Magic® with color from a Crayola Washable Marker or Multicultural Washable Marker. Mix yellow and a bit of brown to get a sandy desert color. Shape your Model Magic into a camel with one hump, two back legs, and a single, thicker front leg.

  • 4.

    Mix Model Magic with other colors to shape a saddle for your dromedary’s single hump. Add a bridle, eyes, and similar details if you wish.

  • 5.

    Air-dry your dromedary. Why not make a complete desert scene and some companions for your camel? What fun you can have playing with your friends.