Cute Cats & Kittens

Cute Cats & Kittens craft

Create a family of cute and cuddly cats. Why do you think these regal animals have such high opinions of themselves?

  • 1.

    Did you know that cats were very important in history? Ancient Egyptians honored cats so much that they lived in temples and were tended by priests. Cats’ bodies were even embalmed and placed in sarcophagi. In one temple, 300,000 embalmed cats were found.

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    Head & body. To make your own lucky cat family, combine Crayola Model Magic® Naturals with white and black Model Magic to create an interesting mix of colors. Or use a solid color if you prefer. Roll one medium-sized ball for the body and one for the head. Model Magic that is fresh from the bag sticks to itself.

  • 3.

    Legs & feet. Roll out four smaller balls of Model Magic. Shape them into legs by rolling one end narrower than the other. Push up the narrow end to create feet. Press toe lines into feet with your fingernail or a scissor blade. Press on the feet. If necessary, add a drop of Crayola School Glue to hold small parts in place.

  • 4.

    Face. Next, create your cat’s face. Add two tiny balls for cheeks and a black or pink ball for its nose. Create eyes from small white and black balls that you flatten before attaching. Create ears by flattening two small triangles. Curve them slightly and

  • 5.

    Tail. Remember to add a nice long tail! Cats express emotions with their tails. Watch a cat you know to see how it shows happiness, fear, playfulness, or affection. Create playful kittens to keep your adult cat—and you— company.