Dad Family Coaster


Make a gift for Dad for Father’s Day that he can use every day.

  • 1.

    Trace a recycled CD on a piece of white paper, a piece of cork and clear plastic adhesive paper. Cut out each piece with Crayola® Scissors.

  • 2.

    Use your imagination and create a family portrait using fingerprints. Simply color your fingertips with different colors of Crayola Washable Markers and press the fingerprint onto the white paper. Don’t forget to wash your hands.

  • 3.

    Use Crayola Washable Mini-Stampers and Markers to add details to the fingerprints and turn them into your family members. Add decorative details to complete the picture.

  • 4.

    Use a Crayola School Glue to attach the decorated paper to the recycled CD and then the CD to the cork.

  • 5.

    Finish by peeling off the paper backing from the clear plastic adhesive and carefully stick to the top of the coaster.