Dazzling Peacock

Dazzling Peacock craft

A peacock’s spectacular tail feathers are sure to catch your eye! This dazzling bird is easy to craft with coffee filters and paper plates!

  • 1.

    Color feathers. Cover your craft area with newspaper. Tear three coffee filters into thirds (or ask an adult to cut them). Color each piece with Crayola® Washable Bold Markers. Dampen the filters by spraying or sprinkling them with water. Watch the colors bleed to create a tie-dyed look. Air-dry the feathers.

  • 2.

    Craft a bird. Color the bottom of a small paper plate. On another paper plate, draw and color a peacock head with a crown and long neck, eyes, and a beak. Tear out these pieces. Using Crayola School Glue, attach the eyes and beak to the peacock’s head. Roll the long neck around a marker to make a curve. Glue the neck to the plate.

  • 3.

    Fan its tail. Accordion-fold the feathers and then open them up like fans. Glue three fans on each craft stick, overlapping them from top to bottom. Leave space at the bottom. Ask an adult to help poke the craft sticks into the paper plate.

  • 4.

    Make a peacock perch. Glue the rim of another small paper plate. Place your peacock on top of the rim and press. Air-dry your dazzling bird!