Decorative Chinese Plates

Decorative Chinese Plates craft

These decorative "china" plates brighten any wall or shelf—and they never break. Who do you know that would love a gift of pretty, personalized plates?

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    Traditional Canton ware (decorated china) used simple designs with blue-on-white patterns. The designs include willow trees, Chinese pagodas, teahouses, bridges, boats, birds, and people. Perhaps you know someone who collects this type of china. Here’s an easy way to add to a collection—or start your own!

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    Use Crayola Twistables® Slick Stix™ Super Smooth Crayons to decorate several paper plates with traditional blue designs. Or invent your own unique ideas and colors. Slick Stix glide over any paper. The colors set in a few minutes.

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    Try several different patterns on your plates. Remember, these plates are for decoration only!