Fearless Hats

Fearless Hats craft

What frightens you? Monsters? The dark? Something under your bed? Show courage by wearing your fears on your head—with a colorful hat!

  • 1.

    Sometimes the things we fear are very real, sometimes imaginary. If we talk about our fears, sometimes they don’t seem so frightening. With a grown-up, read books about courage, such as Life Doesn’t Frighten Me, a poem by Maya Angelou. Make a hat to show what you’re brave about!

  • 2.

    Design your hat on large construction paper (use two pieces for an oval hat). Show things that frighten you. Something lurking in your closet? A creaky floor? For ghoulish colors, use Crayola Metallic FX Crayons! Here’s how to fold your eerie hat. Just choose the shape you prefer.

  • 3.

    Cone hat: Hold one of the pointed corners on the longest edge of the paper. Roll away from you to create a cone. Glue edges down with Crayola School Glue. Air-dry the glue. Trim the bottom with Crayola Scissors to make it even. Bend the tip at a jaunty angle if you wish.

  • 4.

    Circular hat: Bring ends toward each other to create a circle. Glue the ends together. Air-dry the glue.

  • 5.

    Oval hat: Tape or glue the two outer edges of the two papers together. Leave the top and bottom open.

  • 6.

    Are you ready to face your fears? Wear your hat when you read your book again. After you talk about what frightens you, it may not be as scary after all!