Fingerprint Snowmen

snowman fingerprints

Transform your fingerprints into a family of snowmen with this simple and fun painting project!

  • 1.

    Using Crayola® Washable Kids’ Paint, paint a bright blue sky background. Be sure to leave some blank canvas at the bottom. This will be the snowy ground on which your snowmen will sit!

  • 2.

    Brush a generous amount of white Washable Kids’ Paint onto your fingers.

  • 3.

    Firmly press your painted fingers onto the canvas just above the snowy ground.

  • 4.

    Add fun details to your snowmen to bring them to life, such as faces, scarves, or earmuffs!

  • 5.

    Finally, add some glistening touches with Crayola® Glitter Glue! Allow the Paint and Glitter Glue to dry completely before displaying your work of art!