Folded Fingerpaint Forest

Folded Fingerpaint Forest craft

Fold your painting to print a forest of leafy trees—you’ll triple the fun with fingerpaint!

  • 1.

    Did you know that trees wrap the Earth in a protective blanket? They are found everywhere except on the ice-covered lands of the Artic and Antarctica. Have you ever walked through an area that is filled with trees whose crowns (tops) touch each other? Forests are special places filled with plants and animals that live in and among trees.

  • 2.

    Think of all the things that trees do to help a forest flourish. Trees provide shelter to animals and other plants from harsh weather and strong sunlight. Their wood and leaves are used for food and nest building. Their roots hold the soil in place so water can soak into the Earth. And their leaves help cool and clean the air.

  • 3.

    Each tree is as unique as each person on Earth. Here’s a fun way to make a forest where the trees look similar but each one is a bit different. Cover your painting area with newspaper and put on a smock, just like famous artists wear!

  • 4.

    Near the edge of your paper, paint one tree using Crayola Fingerpaints. Mix and blend hues to get the colors of the forest. What colors will you mix to get brown? What about all the different shades of green?

  • 5.

    Before the paint dries, fold the painted side of the paper over onto the center of the paper. Press down and smooth. Some of the paint from your painted tree will form another tree in the center of the page. Unfold.

  • 6.

    Make another tree along the other edge of the paper by folding it over toward the center. This will either make another tree or change the second one into an even bigger tree. If your paper is really big, you can keep folding a couple more times to create

  • 7.

    Air-dry your forest before you display it as a reminder to take good care of the Earth.