Guadalupe Day Decorations

Guadalupe Day Decorations craft

Create a beautiful homage to the patron saint of Mexico as your prepare to celebrate Guadalupe Day.

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    December 12 is when Mexicans celebrate the story of a peasant, Juan Diego, and his extraordinary encounter on a hillside near Mexico City in 1531. The image of the Virgin of Guadalupe is a symbol of Mexican culture, which weaves together ideas from indigenous and Hispanic peoples with Catholic and traditional religions. Families, homes, and cultural pride are all very important.

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    Here is one way to make a small plaque suitable for Guadalupe Day. Shape a handful of Crayola neon Model Magic® into a flattened oval. Cut the edges with Crayola Scissors if you wish. Crimp the edges with a marker cap or other tool in a decorative style.

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    Roll and trim the edges of a different color of modeling material that has been flattened. Gather it into folds. Place this fabric-like strip in the center of the base. Model Magic fresh from the pack sticks to itself.

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    Shape a small ball of Model Magic Naturals for the Virgin’s head. Make two small, flat ovals for her praying hands. Form her clothing, including a blue cloak. Press these pieces together. Place the assembled figure on top of the base. Secure with Crayola

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    If you want to hang the plaque, stick a large paper clip into the back of the base. Air-dry the sculpture for about 24 hours.

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    Embellish Mary’s cape with Crayola Glitter Glue. Decorate the base with more highlights, such as glued-on beads, to complete your retablo.