Herd the Bull Board Game

Herd the Bull Board Game craft

Drive your bull home with this exciting game! These traditional rules are borrowed from Sudan. Crayola® Model Magic® and fun are today's favorites!

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    Dala is played by the Bagara people of the Sudan, where bull herding is part of everyday life. Sudan is a country located on the African continent between Egypt and Eritrea. It borders the Red Sea.

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    Kids around the world create games with the materials they have handy. Dala can be played on paper, although in Sudan it is traditionally played in the dirt with sticks. Dala is played by two people. Each player starts with 12 game pieces.

  • 3.

    To create your game pieces, divide a large handful of white Crayola® Model Magic® into 12 equal parts. Shape all 12 in a similar way, such as circles, square, or thumbprints. Players should choose two different shapes.

  • 4.

    Decorate your game pieces to reflect your confidence in victory. You could press in designs. Or color the modeling compound with dye from a Crayola Multicultural Washable Marker. Knead in the color a little to make the modeling compound marbleized. Knead

  • 5.

    On a large piece of paper, draw a grid six spaces across and six spaces up and down with markers and a straight edge. Make sure each space is big enough for one game piece.

  • 6.

    Players take turns placing one piece on the Dala board at a time. The four center spaces must be filled first. Then players may choose any empty square to fill. Any move that gives a player three game pieces in a row allows that player to remove any one o

  • 7.

    The other player, after making a bull on the board, teases the opponent by saying "tsp, tsp, tsp" the noise a herder makes leading a bull home. A player wins when all but two of the opponent's pieces have been taken.