Here and There Hiking Stick

Here and There Hiking Stick craft

Here’s a project that will get you shaking a stick! Create a portable record of your hiking and walking adventures.

  • 1.

    Why use a walking stick? In earlier times, kings and popes carried sticks as status symbols. Now walkers and hikers use them everyday. In Europe, Australia, and the United Kingdom, people collect small metal badges from new towns, historic sites, or paths that they ramble through. They nail the badges on their sticks to record their journeys.

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    You can keep track of wherever you and your walking stick go, too. Select a sturdy stick that’s fallen on the ground. Peel off the bark. Ask an adult for assistance with a sharp knife if needed. Sand the stick smooth with sandpaper.

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    With Crayola® Markers, draw symbols, logos, or other graphic reminders of everywhere you hike with your walking stick. What a wonderful tool for sharing your outdoor experiences with others!