Hippity Hop Sidewalk Chalk


Hop to it! Spring into action to create cute sidewalk chalk bunnies using your own footprints.

  • 1.

    Get ready for some active outdoor crafting! Ask an adult to help you find a safe, paved surface to set up your springtime scene. Stand with your feet about a foot apart, with your heels facing one another. Trace both of your feet with Crayola® Sidewalk Chalk. These will be the bunny’s feet.

  • 2.

    Hippity-hop about 2 feet (60.96 cm) ahead of the tracings you just made with your feet about an inch (2.54cm) apart, facing slightly outward. Trace your feet with sidewalk chalk again. These outlines will be the bunny’s ears.

  • 3.

    It’s bunny body time! Draw two circles, one slightly smaller than the other to create the head and body of the bunny. Be sure the top circle starts at the bottom of the ears and the bottom circle ends by the feet.

  • 4.

    Beautify your bunny! Make your bunny unique with extra details like a fluffy tail, a carrot or an Easter basket. Maybe your bunny is in a field of spring flowers! Use your imagination to create an outdoor masterpiece.