Insects! Recycled Robots

Insects! Recycled Robots craft

Here come the robot insects!! Make your own invasion hordes with recycled items and Crayola Model Magic® modeling compound!

  • 1.

    Who likes insects? Maybe you like icky ones or strange ones? Ask an adult to help you find recycled items around your house, maybe a nonworking radio or calculator, or an old wooden box with brass hinges! Take apart the items you want to use to create your robot insect. Here are some ideas for making imaginary critters.

  • 2.

    You could bend wire into any shape or use a box for the insect body. If you use a clear plastic bottle, why not put stuff inside it? For a mosquito, you could add red paint to look like the last big meal. Or fill it with other items such as small plastic pieces to look like guts!

  • 3.

    Press on Crayola Model Magic® compound, any color you like, to give the body more shape. It sticks to most surfaces without glue. Use small pieces to make fangs, eyes, antennae, and other parts.

  • 4.

    Add wings and legs with wire, hinges, or other items. Use recycled pieces and decorative craft items to give your insect character. Little speakers on a beetle’s back look cool, or a mosquito could have a broken radio antenna for a stinger. Be creative! M

  • 5.

    Add Crayola Glitter Glue for details and highlights. Make your insect cute, scary, or even gross. Air-dry the decorations. Have fun creating a whole swarm of recycled creatures!