Inside Out

Inside Out craft

Draw what you see when you look out your window, then trick your family and friends by displaying it in the same window.

  • 1.

    Decide in which window you will hang your inside-out picture. Notice what the sill looks like. What do you see when you look out of the window?

  • 2.

    With a Crayola® Color Explosion™ paper and a color-reveal marker, outline a window to fill your sheet. Use a ruler to make straight lines for a window sill. Add pane dividers if your window has them.

  • 3.

    Draw indoor details such as plants or curtains. What’s outside? Draw the landscape or street. Include small details to make your picture look more real.

  • 4.

    Use rolled pieces of clear adhesive tape to display your art in the window you drew. Make sure it’s securely closed first. Have fun listening to comments as people try to figure out what you did!