Keys & Coins Keeper

Keys & Coins Keeper craft

Some Dads—or brothers or grandfathers—jingle lots keys and coins in their pockets. Give them a hand for their pocket change and car keys with this one-of-a-kind tray!

  • 1.

    See how this handy gift is made on the Crayola CreaTiVe Workshop or just follow these easy directions.

  • 2.

    Create hands using the Crayola Neon Color Explosion® Paper and Marker system. Trace your hands and cut them out.

  • 3.

    Label one hand for KEYS and the other for COINS. Add designs with Neon Color Explosion Markers. Fold each hand at the joints. Look at your own hands to see where they bend.

  • 4.

    Make the tray with Crayola Color Explosion™ Black Paper and Marker. Fold up each edge of a piece of the paper to make a rim about 1/2 inch (1 cm) high. In each corner cut a notch to create a tab to wrap around the corner to hold up the rim. Glue notches a

  • 5.

    Write the person’s name, such as DAD, in colorful block letters using a Color Explosion Black Marker. All of those colors come from one marker! Glue the Neon Color Explosion hands to the tray. Air-dry the glue.

  • 6.

    Add more designs on the tray around the hands using a Color Explosion Black Marker. Wrap your gift to give for a holiday—or just to say thanks!