Lead the Team Cheer Poster

Lead the Team Cheer Poster craft

Be your team’s biggest cheerleader! Show the players your support with a cool, colorful poster!

  • 1.

    Be inspired! What gets your favorite team, player or even you ready for the big game? Choose a color of poster board appropriate for the look you want to create. Dark poster board accents Crayola® Poster Markers and Crayons vibrant hues. Light poster board displays a more muted color palette when using Crayola® poster markers and crayons. Place a piece of poster board on a flat surface.

  • 2.

    You’re a winner! Draw your designs with the Poster Markers and Crayons. Use bold letters and pictures to get your message across. Add team colors, a mascot or your own ideas to let everyone know you are the #1 fan.

  • 3.

    Extra! Extra! Cut out pieces of poster board and glue them onto your poster for a more dimensional design. These little extras show how much you care! Allow the glue to air-dry.

  • 4.

    Go team! Display your poster with pride as you cheer your team onto the big win!