Let in the Leaves

Let in the Leaves craft

Bring the fun of fall leaves indoors! Combine colorful Crayola Color Wonder™ leaf prints and Triangular Crayon leaf rubbings to brighten fall days.

  • 1.

    Find just-fallen leaves with unique shapes and interesting colors. Choose safe leaves with veins that stand out. Divide your leaves into two groups, one for leaf prints and one for leaf rubbings.

  • 2.

    TO MAKE LEAF PRINTS: Spread Crayola Color Wonder™ Paint on the front of a leaf. Turn the leaf over and press it down on Crayola Color Wonder Paper. Remove your leaf to see the colors! Print it several times. Repeat with other leaves and different colors. Overlap prints.

  • 3.

    TO MAKE LEAF RUBBINGS: Remove the paper from your crayons. Place leaves under white paper. Rub over the paper with crayons. Overlap colors and designs in different directions for unique effects. Fill the paper with leaf rubbings, especially around the edges.

  • 4.

    PUT ARTWORK TOGETHER: Glue your Color Wonder leaf prints paper in the center of the rubbing page. The prints make a frame. Display your art to brighten a room or to add color to your fall table settings!