Lots of Dots Landscape

Lots of Dots Landscape craft

Create a landscape with LOTS of little DOTS made with your pointer finger!

  • 1.

    Look out your window or at pictures of outdoor scenes (landscapes). Notice how things look smaller the farther away they are. Artist Georges Seurat (1859-1891) made his paintings with many layers of small dots. Up close his paintings look blurry and confusing, but from a distance, the dots of colors blend to create shapes. You can do this, too!

  • 2.

    Begin your Crayola® Color Wonder™ Fingerpaint landscape with a line of green dots for the horizon (where the land looks like it touches the sky).

  • 3.

    Before you fill in the area below with green dots, decide where you’d like the sun to shine. Add yellow dots there. Decide where you’d like shadows to be and add some blue dots there. Then fill in the rest of the space with green. Place some dots right on top of the other colors. The colors will blend, just like they do in Seurat’s paintings, when you view them from a distance.

  • 4.

    Add other features such as trees, buildings, lakes, rivers, or roads. Have fun adding unexpected colors to your objects. Just make sure the highlights are on top and the shadows below. Stand back and enjoy your color-mixing creation! When it’s dry, you ma