LOVEU Bingo craft

Bingo is a game of chance, just like love. Make and play this colorful good-luck game with friends (but don’t play with their hearts).

  • 1.

    Cut several game cards from white construction paper or recycled cardboard with Crayola Scissors. Mark six rows on each card using Crayola Twistables® and a ruler. Then mark five columns to form a grid of squares.

  • 2.

    Write LOVEU in capital letters across the top row, one letter at the top of each column. Draw Valentine messages and symbols in each of the 25 empty squares. Write a list of all the symbols and messages you used for the Bingo caller.

  • 3.

    Form small hearts or other Bingo tokens with Crayola Model Magic®. Make sure the tokens fit inside the card squares! Make enough for every player to cover their card completely. Air-dry the tokens over night.

  • 4.

    To play Bingo: Agree on rules of play. Caller announces a letter from L-O-V-E-U and a symbol or message (for example: O-Kiss or U-Candy or L-Miss You).