Mexican Talavera Tiles

Mexican Talavera Tiles craft

Capture the Spanish flavor of Mexican-style ceramics in these beautiful tiles. What a wonderful way to put a mosaic together!

  • 1.

    Tiles, which are small pieces of ceramic, can transform a plain surface into a beautiful space. Do you have any ceramic tiles in your home? Look in the kitchen and bathroom. Search for examples on the floors, on the walls, and behind the counters.

  • 2.

    To make your own replicas of white tiles with painted designs, similar to the popular Talavera style from Mexico, just follow these easy directions. You don’t even need any paint!

  • 3.

    Knead a handful of white Crayola Model Magic® compound. Flatten and shape it into a square or rectangle with your hand, rolling pin, or modeling tools.

  • 4.

    To make raised, colored accents for your tile, color small pieces of the compound with Crayola Washable Gel Markers. Knead the color into the modeling material until you have the desired colors. Shape and attach the colorful designs to your tile for a 3-D

  • 5.

    Impress lines and textures into your tile pieces using everyday objects such as plastic dinnerware.

  • 6.

    If you like, continue to add color and designs on the tile with markers. Air-dry the tile 24 hours before handling. Why not make several with color-coordinated designs?