Mini Cards, Maxi Messages

Mini Cards, Maxi Messages craft

Don’t be fooled by this greeting card’s size! The colorful miniature cards can hold super-sized sentiments.

  • 1.

    Make mine mini! Create your card by cutting out a small piece of Neon Color Explosion® Paper. Cards can be in a shape you can dream up. Think outside the basic rectangle or square!

  • 2.

    Create with color! Use the Neon Color Explosion markers to decorate the card. Draw dots, dashes, lines and swirls around your pictures. Try out the different marker tips when writing the message to make a fun font. The bold colors will get your message across!

  • 3.

    Craft your card a cut above the rest. Cut out additional pieces of paper to embellish the card. Use a variety of colors and shapes. Twist, fold or curl the paper to take advantage of the colors on both sides of the Neon Color Explosion paper. A pencil or marker makes a great curling tool!

  • 4.

    Put it all together. Tape the embellishments to the card with clear adhesive tape. Add any final touches with the markers. Look for a big smile when your family or friends see these little cards!