Mirror Mimics

Mirror Mimics craft

Imagine a different hair color. Add a mustache. Wear expensive jewels. How? With Crayola® Window Washable Markers on a mirror!

  • 1.

    Did you ever wonder how you’d look with a weird hairstyle, a beard, or a mustache? Maybe you’d like to look more like a movie star. Here’s a way to try any style you like! Before you begin, ask an adult’s permission to use either a large hand mirror or a bathroom mirror. Your art will wash off easily.

  • 2.

    Hold your head very still in one place while looking in a mirror. Use Crayola Window Washable Markers to outline the oval of your face on the mirror.

  • 3.

    Step back from the mirror. Add jewelry, a unique hairstyle, or other details to your drawing. Have fun!

  • 4.

    Step up to the mirror so your face fits into the new style you created. How do you look? Just wipe off your art with a damp paper towel to try another look. Your family and friends will want to make Mirror Mimics, too!