More Than a Memory

More Than A Memory

Transform an old memento into a dazzling picture frame and use Crayola® Bright Fabric Markers to preserve its memory with decorative designs.

  • 1.

    Many artists use a style known as found object art to create their artwork! Found object art uses ordinary objects, like leaves, buttons, or utensils, in creative ways. Found object art is also environmentally helpful since artists recycle items that would normally be thrown away!

  • 2.

    Carefully cut enough fabric from your memento to cover a 4x6 wooden picture frame using Crayola Blunt-Tip Scissors. Consider covering the frame in patchwork style to use fabric pieces from the entire item. Are there patches, buttons, embroidery or other unique features on the keepsake that you want to include on the memory frame as well?

  • 3.

    Place the wooden picture frame with the front facing up on a flat, hard surface, like a table or desk. Cover your work area with recycled newspaper. Spread fabric glue over the edges of the wooden frame and snugly wrap the frame with your fabric pieces.

  • 4.

    Attach any buttons or other accessories from your keepsake over the fabric. If using hot glue to attach accessories, ask an adult for help.

  • 5.

    Add a title, caption, or decorative details to the memory frame with Crayola Bright Fabric Markers! Draw your designs making sure you saturated the cloth. Stain Advisement: Fabric markers are permanent on clothing and contain colorants that may stain household surfaces. Wear a smock to protect clothing and cover your work surface. Recap markers as soon as possible and store in a horizontal position. Do not shake markers.

  • 6.

    Insert a special photograph related to the memory of your keepsake into the frame.