My Home Wall Hanging

My Home Wall Hanging craft

Children's homes represent love, security, and all they need to grow up happy and healthy. Celebrate your home with a unique wall hanging made by their loving hands.

  • 1.

    Fold several sheets of paper in half and then in half again to create four panels of equal size. Unfold each sheet and cut along the folds with Crayola® Scissors.

  • 2.

    Think about what you love about your home. What makes it cozy? Collect a few small, flat objects from indoors and outside, such as leaves or a coin from the year you were born. Find interesting textures such as the sidewalk.

  • 3.

    Peel the paper labels off of several Crayola Crayons. Now you're ready to make crayon rubbings.

  • 4.

    Spread newspaper on a flat work area. Place one of your cut paper panels on top of each object or textured surface. Rub the side of the crayon over the paper until you see the image of the object underneath! Repeat this process, using different colors if

  • 5.

    Create a washed effect on some of the panels by painting over the designs with Crayola Watercolors and Watercolor Brushes. Let dry.

  • 6.

    Design the rest of the panels with crayon drawings of family members, pets, favorite family activities, or other important aspects of your home. Write names or descriptions if you have space. Use one panel for the artist's name (that's you!) and date of y

  • 7.

    Decide how to arrange your panels on your posterboard. Glue them in place with Crayola Glue Sticks.

  • 8.

    Use a hole punch to make holes in the top corners of the poster board. Tie two or three long strands of yarn through the holes.

  • 9.

    Hang your My House Wall Hanging in a place where your entire family can enjoy what you created!