Personal Rug Patterns

Personal Rug Patterns craft

Make a beautiful replica of the intricate designs found on Muslim prayer mats.

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    Muslims engage in the communal prayer ritual (Salah) five times a day. They are called to pray at dawn, mid-day, afternoon, after sunset, and at night. Besides standing, you bow and touch the ground with your forehead. Prayers are said facing towards Mecca, considered to be the first house of worship.

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    While Muslims believe that it is best to pray within a mosque, prayers may take place anywhere that is clean, dignified, and large enough to make the worship movements.

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    A tradition of luxurious prayer rugs may have started with a humble rattan mat. Many prayer rugs are woven in the Persian rug tradition, although they are smaller in size. The design often is not symmetrical but has a direction. In addition to Islamic designs there are often flowers (representing paradise) in the design.

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    What Islamic motifs appeal to you? Experiment with them on a replica rug. Draw your ideas with Crayola Twistables®. Include a central motif, borders, and intricate patterns. Capture the unique colors of these beautiful rugs!