Pilgrim's Hat

Capotain Pilgrim Hat

This hat is a must-have for a reenactment of the first Thanksgiving. Inspire creativity with a few products and your child’s imagination!

  • 1.

    On a sheet of giant construction paper, design a pattern using Crayola® Washable Kid’s Paint. Let this dry completely.

  • 2.

    Once the paper is completely dry, cut the paper to the desired height for the hat (about 8”). Make sure it fits around your child’s head.

  • 3.

    Use the leftover paper to create the brim of your hat. You’ll need to cut out a larger circle and then cut a smaller circle that is the same size as the circumference of the top part of the hat.

  • 4.

    Make the hat buckle with a few pieces of colored construction paper. Use tape to put the pieces together and voila! Wear your hat with “Pilgrim’s Pride!”