Presto Dots Airplane

Presto Dots Airplane craft

Fly from your sunny backyard to the wildest jungles of your imagination! Build a colorful Crayola® Model Magic® Presto Dots™ airplane to take you there.

  • 1.

    Ask an adult to help you find an old toy truck or car and remove the back wheels.

  • 2.

    Crumple small balls of newspaper and tape onto the truck or car with masking tape. A grown-up can help. Shape the vehicle to look more like an airplane. The front should have be rounded. A long body extends and thins out toward the back end.

  • 3.

    Create wings and tail pieces for the plane. Ask a grown-up to help you draw and cut out two large wings and two smaller wings from recycled cardboard. Cut out two triangular vertical tail pieces – known as stabilizers. Tape firmly onto the vehicle with masking tape. The larger wings go on the sides of the plane body. The smaller wings go on the tail of the plane. One vertical stabilizer can go on the top of the body. The other can go on the top of the tail.

  • 4.

    Pat orange Model Magic smooth and flat. Spread it over the entire airplane body, except for the large wings, smaller wings, stabilizers, and wheels.

  • 5.

    Pat blue Model Magic smooth and flat. Spread it over the wings and stabilizers.

  • 6.

    Now have some fun with the Presto Dots Star Tool!* Roll out a flat, even layer of blue Model Magic. (*Note: Some Presto Dots packs have multiple tools and accessories such as the Star Tool for a variety of shapes and impressions.)

  • 7.

    Push the Star Tool straight down to the bottom of the layer. Then give the tool a twist, tilt it back and pull it out.

  • 8.

    Press the bottom of the Star Tool on the orange Model Magic layer on front of the airplane where the cockpit window would be. Pull the tool away to release the star. Presto! The star should come right out and stick to the surface. Repeat with 3 or 4 more

  • 9.

    Press 3 red stars below the cockpit window to create a kind of airplane smile design.

  • 10.

    Repeat the Star Tool steps, pressing orange stars onto the airplane body and blue stars on the wings and stabilizers. Let dry.