Presto Dots Layer Cake

Presto Dots Layer Cake craft

No need to cut this cake this time! Decorate and design a cake for any occasion with Model Magic Presto Dots.

  • 1.

    Cover 2 or 3 recycled plastic containers of different sizes with a thin layer of Model Magic® by pushing and spreading the modeling compound with your fingers. Model Magic that is fresh from the pack will stick to itself. Dried pieces can be glued together.

  • 2.

    Stack the containers on top of each other with the largest container on the bottom and the smallest container centered on the top. The opening of each container should be facing down. You may wish to use a small amount of Crayola No-Run School Glue to secure each container in its place. Now you have the structure of your cake!

  • 3.

    Flatten a small amount of Model Magic to be about as thick as your fingers. Be sure to tightly cover the remaining Model Magic in the container to prevent it from drying.

  • 4.

    Press one of the Presto Dots tools* firmly into the flattened Model Magic. Lift the tool, and press gently onto one of your cake layers. The Model Magic inside the tool will stick to the cake and form a dot! Repeat until each layer of cake is completely c

  • 5.

    Use leftover Model Magic to create flowers, letters, candles, and other details to add to your cake.