Presto Dots Pop-Corn

Presto Dots Pop-Corn craft

Making popcorn can be buckets of fun with easy-to-use Presto Dots! Just press, pop, and presto- you’ve got a work of art that will outlast any movie.

  • 1.

    From recycled cardboard, carefully cut 4 rectangles, each about the size and shape of a letter envelope.

  • 2.

    Join the edges of the 4 rectangles together with Crayola No-Run School Glue to form the tall, thin shape of a popcorn bucket. *Tip- Use strips of adhesive tape to hold the sides of the bucket together while the glue dries.

  • 3.

    Gently cover the popcorn bucket with a thin layer of Model Magic® by pushing and spreading the modeling compound with your fingers. Model Magic that is fresh from the pack will stick to itself. Dried pieces can be glued together.

  • 4.

    Flatten a small amount of Model Magic to be about as thick as your fingers. Be sure to tightly cover the remaining Model Magic in the container to prevent it from drying.

  • 5.

    Press one of the Presto Dots tools* firmly into the flattened Model Magic. Lift the tool, and press gently onto the popcorn bucket. The Model Magic inside the tool will stick to the bucket and form a dot! Repeat until your popcorn bucket is completely covered with dots. Be creative! Use different colors and shapes to decorate your bucket! (*Note: Some Presto Dots packs have multiple tools and accessories for a variety of shapes and impressions.)

  • 6.

    To make popcorn, roll a small amount of Model Magic into a ball that is about the size of your fingernail. Mix together yellow and white Model Magic to make swirling ribbons of color. Flatten and press with the Presto Dots circle tool. Stick 3 or 4 of the

  • 7.

    With extra Model Magic, design decorations for your popcorn bucket.