Presto Dots Submarine

Presto Dots Submarine craft

Pretend to travel to the bottom of the sea with a Crayola® Model Magic® Presto Dots™ submarine you can build yourself! Take your sub on adventures under the kitchen table and into new unexplored regions of your imagination.

  • 1.

    Ask an adult to help you find an old toy truck or car with wheels. Roll up recycled newspaper into balls and tape onto the truck or car with masking tape to make the shape of the vehicle long and rounded like the body of a submarine. Tape a small ball of newspaper or a small paper cup to the top of the submarine body for the periscope tower. A grown-up can help.

  • 2.

    Pat red Model Magic smooth and flat. Spread it over the entire submarine body (not on the wheels). Lift it and pinch it closed until the entire shape is covered.

  • 3.

    Form windows for the sides of the submarine. For each window: ? Roll a ball of red Model Magic. ? Press the ball onto the side of the submarine so it flattens. Model Magic that is fresh from the pack will stick to itself. ? Roll a thin "snake" of blue Model Magic. ? Use Crayola Scissors or a plastic knife to cut a piece of the snake to fit around the red window. Press in place.

  • 4.

    Create a propeller outlet for the back of the submarine using the same technique you used to create windows, only larger.

  • 5.

    Construct the periscopes. Roll a thick red snake. Cut into two pieces. Bend each piece. Press the ends onto the top of the periscope tower. Roll a snake of blue Model Magic. Cut a piece of snake to fit around the end of each periscope.

  • 6.

    Now have some fun with the Presto Dots Tool! Roll out a flat, even layer of yellow Model Magic.

  • 7.

    Push the Dot Tool straight down to the bottom of the layer. Then give the tool a twist, tilt it back and pull it out.

  • 8.

    Press the bottom of the Dot Tool on the Model Magic layer and pull the tool away to release the dot. Presto! The dot should come right out and stick to the surface.

  • 9.

    Repeat the Dot Tool steps, pressing yellow dots around the windows, on the tower, and all around the top half of the submarine body. Repeat the Dot Tool steps, pressing red dots around the bottom half of the submarine body. Let dry.